Making the Government Work for the American Citizen

I am not what the mainstream media would consider qualified for president. I am not what either the Democrats or Republicans would want as their candidate. With this in mind, why run?

I run because no matter who the nominee on either side in 2020, it will be the party who is declared the winner of the election. We will then start another cycle of obstruction and animosity that will see legislation passed that benefits businesses with no regard for the needs of the American people.

The Citizens United decision of the Supreme Court brought to fruition the long-standing agreement between government and business: you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. When the government chooses profit over people, the people suffer.

I will dedicate my campaign to the people, specifically the poor and working class Americans who barely make it paycheck to paycheck. This is who I am and who I intend to represent.

Most importantly through my campaign, I will stress that we must stand united against the challenges of our common future: 
We must agree to fight back the changes to our climate that threatens every living creature on the planet.
We must agree to peaceable solutions to international conflicts.

We must agree to fair treatment of all people.

We must agree to raise each other up instead of putting each other down.

We must push past the politics of fear and work towards understanding and respect.

You can find out how I plan to do these things, with your help, in my Policy and Platform pages as well as tuning into my podcast: I'm Dennis Lambert and I'm Running for President.



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