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A critical, independent and investigative press is the lifeblood of any democracy.
-Nelson Mandella

Writing letters to the editor is a good way for your local community to find out about our campaign. Below are a few examples of letters to the editor you can send off. Feel free to use it as is or add what you feel about our campaign.

We will publish newspaper contacts as we get them.



Dear Editor,

I am very concerned about our country. I do not think that the power struggle the Democrats and Republicans are engaged in will represent the needs of the people.

I, like most Americans, am not a Republican nor am I a Democrat. Having only these two choices on every ballot seems to go against the idea of freedom of choice and democracy.

That is why I am supporting Dennis Lambert for President. I know he knows the struggle of working paycheck to paycheck, going without healthcare, and making the decision between food or utility bill. I know Dennis Lambert is running because he wants everyone in America to be represented and have a chance to succeed.

Dennis Lambert supports a healthcare plan that provides care to all Americans regardless of medical history or current illnesses. Something most Americans support.

Dennis Lambert supports a living wage for full-time workers. Something most Americans support.

Dennis Lambert supports an end to wars. Something most war weary American support.

Dennis Lambert supports rebuilding the national infrastructure. Something most Americans have supported for years.

It seems like Dennis Lambert supports most things that Americans support, so I am going to support Dennis Lambert for President.



Dear Editor,

As a veteran, I volunteered my life and liberty for the nation. I served with honor during my time in the (BRANCH) and all things being would most likely make the same sacrifice again, because I love this country.

It is a sacrifice very few Americans have or are willing to make. Dennis Lambert made that sacrifice out of high school. President Trump has done everything he can to avoid military service.

Dennis Lambert wants to end the wars around the globe and at home. President Trump wants to expand wars, including trade wars that hurt American farmers and our nation’s reputation.

Instead of supporting President Trump in 2020 or some other Democrat who will likely be in the pocket of the Military Industrial Complex willing to send more of our younger generations to be ground up by death in foreign countries, I am supporting Dennis Lambert for President.

Dennis Lambert served and knows that ending the cycle of regime change wars is the only way to ensure future security of our nation and bring peace on Earth.


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