Ignorance is Learned

I remember people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up since the time I was five years old.

Unfortunately, I never could decide what I wanted to be. Mostly I believe it was because I was not given enough information or exposure to a variety of careers so my ideas and options were limited.

After I completed the primary obligation of my service with the Army, I enrolled in a local college and began to expand my education. I learned things I would not have ever been exposed to unless I attended college. It created in me, questions that needed answered, and attending college gave me the skills to learn how to answer those questions.

A few months after I graduated from college, I found myself in a teaching position with the Portsmouth City School District. While I was not teaching one of the standard classes to students, I was exposed to the severe limitations put upon teachers and schools by governments who have no idea what it takes to educate a child.

We expect our country to represent justice and freedom, but without a proper education that is enriched by multiple disciplines, we will never achieve the goal of liberty.

I believe a solid foundation of education can prepare almost anyone for almost anything. I believe education should be free and I support a program where students would provide 2 years of service to the country and receive a free college education. I am pushing for a national service organization similar to the Civilian Conservation Corps and other programs for those who do not have the physical or emotional ability to handle military service.

I also believe that there needs to be a REVOLUTION in education in the US. We need to build robust teaching programs that touch a diverse range of subject matter that will provide an enriched education for the students.

I also believe that teachers, good teachers, are the basis of a kind and cooperative society. I believe teachers have the ability to mold young people into the leaders of the next generation, but are being stifled by a government that views paper testing as the ultimate arbiter of teacher and student success. This often leads to teaching the test.

We need to pay our teachers living wages. We need to give our teachers more space to educate and not indoctrinate. We need to make classes smaller so teachers can provide the individual care and attention that builds confidence in the students that will drive them to success.

Here is where I think education in the US should be focused:

1. Free education for all

2. Smaller class sizes

3. Enriched educational opportunities

4. Open enrollment at all public schools

5. A national service program that teaches work skills and at the completion allows for higher education

6. End funding for charter schools


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