School Bus & Children

Ignorance is Learned

Dennis Lambert is truly passionate about this issue, as it is one that impacts so many people all over the world. Education and the ability to get an education is the best determining factor to future success. 

First I believe that we need an enriched education where students are free to choose their educational pathway. We need to provide a wide array of educational opportunities from agricultural instruction, to practical educational programs that teach life skills for daily life navigation. If we do not prepare our children for the future, we fail them on every level.

Do we need free college education?

Some people do not need a college education, but our society deems a college education necessary for many jobs across the board. Therefore, I believe we SHOULD have free college for those who want or need additional education beyond the traditional K-12 schooling that is available to everyone.

But first we need to strengthen our public education system through funding for programs and better pay for educators. I also envision that we end subsidizing private and parochial schools. This creates an unequal system where funds are stolen from school districts that are barely providing the minimum requirements for a decent education to provide tax dollars to schools that are inheriently discriminatory.


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