One Planet, One Chance

I can remember the age of space exploration. It was still young when I was in single digits. I was told when I started school in the late 1970s that we would have a station on the moon by the time I got out of college.

By the time I was ten, we had the International Space Station and NASA and the US were putting up space shuttles every few years. The fields of science were making discoveries every day that would impact our lives for generations.

I was born a little too late to remember the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland catching fire in June of 1969, the third or fourth time the river burned. That was the birth of the current environmental movement.

Republicans and Democrats alike woke up to the dangers of UNREGULATED business and unlimited dumping of hazardous chemicals into our waterways and onto our land. Acid rain was a massive fear in the 1970s.

President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency because he believed in the science that said we needed to do something.

In the 1980s, scientists saw a hole being formed and growing in the Ozone Layer that protects the planet from harmful cosmic radiation and other damaging effects. President Ronald Reagan saw the science that CFCs (chloro-flouro-carbons) were the cause of the hole and eliminating them could reverse the damage we were creating. Reagan signed the Montreal Protocol to work with other nations to eliminate or reduce CFC production and we saw the hole shrink.

The Paris Accord President Barack Obama signed was another framework for all nations to make their own steps and commitments to saving our common resource: the planet Earth.

We should be ashamed that we are no longer working to the common good for all nations. That we are not proves the powers in government have no concerns for liberty, justice, or freedom.

I believe that Climate Change is real, that it is being caused and/or accelerated by our dependency/continued subsidizing of fossil fuels, and at this point cannot be stopped. However, I believe we can work to improve the chances of survival or the entire planet.

We are already seeing the extinction and mass migration of animal species due to the change in the global climate. We CAN and MUST work together to prevent the extinction of the human species.

We have already delayed any action because the fossil fuel industries have strangled our government and tied us to the anchor of failure. We can no longer deny that the climate is changing into a more unpredictable system than we have ever experienced or seen.

We must work together to create more opportunities for our planet to recover:

1. Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

2. Invest in renewable energy

3. Fortify recycling programs

4. Severe punishment for serial contaminators

5. Enforcement and strengthening environmental regulations

6. Divestment in fossil fuels and fossil fuel infrastructure

7. Create more sustainable farming practices


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