Your Life Depends on It

I fully believe that healthcare is a human right. I hope to convince you of the same.

Back before medical schools, there were people in small towns and villages, usually older women, who carried on traditional folk remedies and provided the service for free or of little cost to the ill. It was a part of the social bond, we made sure those around us were not sick so they could do their jobs to support the community. The added bonus is that if there were less sick people in the community, there was less of a chance that you would get sick. 

It would be the 10th Century before there were schools organized to teach what little medical "science" was learned over centuries of trial and error by local practitioners. It would take another 400-500 years before a college dedicated to medicine was created. Even another 200-300 years before there was any type of licensing and testing to ensure your medical practitioner had the skills.

During war is when we see medicine have it's greatest advances. The greatest advance in healthcare since the old woman in a hut on the outskirts of the woods was the hospital. Hospitals came about during the crusades and were run by religious orders. Once again, healthcare was free or cheap at this time to anyone in need.

When capitalism began to take hold of the world economy, we were introduced to health insurance, which promised to save money for those who needed medical care. Initially insurance dealt with catastrophic health issues that were extremely expensive at the time or as a pre-paid basis for care.

We have to jump into the 1960s and 1970s before we see a major change in healthcare. It began under President Nixon with managed healthcare and Health Management Organizations (HMOs). Insurance companies created entities to restrict healthcare for those they covered.

Since the 1980s, hospitals have strove to eke out ever dime they could from their customers. (Notice that the hospitals started calling the people they serve "customers" instead of patients.) Hospitals bought up doctors offices/practices in the facility and around the communities they served.

Then began the consolidation of services, cutbacks in staffing, specialization, closures, providing non-medical services. All directed to increase profitability of the hospital while reducing the care for the sick.

Any chance at fair care for the cost has gone out the window. Insurance companies and hospitals have death panels to decide who receives treatment, transplants or care.

We now have a system where the TRUE cost of medical care is hidden from the consumer, but we are required to pay for insurance.

We are FORCED to maintain profit margins for insurance. That is not freedom.

We are FORCED to pay the costs of $100 aspirin and $4000 ambulance rides. 

We are obligated to go to "in-network" doctors." That is not liberty.

We are paying the most for medicine when we can afford it, and it is often 100s to 1000s of times more expensive than if it were purchased in a foreign country. That is not justice.

The best results for medical care is a consolidation of the users and costs borne by one entity.

By increasing taxes on business, we can cover the costs of EVERYONE for medical care. AT THE SAME TIME ELIMINATING CO-PAYS AND OTHER OUT OF POCKET EXPENSES!

For justice, liberty, and freedom, we must force the government to use our taxes for our healthcare instead of tax breaks for the wealthy and businesses stealing the healthcare from the people.



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