A Video Message for the Green Party of South Carolina

To the Green Party of South Carolina, thank yo for inviting me to come to your convention in 2019. Unfortunately, I cannot be there for a number of reasons but I will make every effort to return to one of my favorite states.

I went through Basic Training in Fort Jackson back in September of 1992. I visited Charleston on a number of occasions and stayed on the USS Yorktown with the Boy Scouts twice. I even stayed in an un-air conditioned tin shed in the swamp outside of Beaufort for a weekend with some friends.

While I am in Ohio and you are there, there are geographical differences, but a lot of our needs are the same. We both need increased income for the working poor to rebuild the middle class, we all need infrastructure repairs and upgrades, EVERYONE deserves not only access to medical care we need an improved Medicare for All, and the most important thing is we need to END ALL WARS. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and a dozen other countries in the Middle East and Africa as well as the wars at home on women's reproductive rights and the stupid war on drugs.

I hope you support my campaign. Share my website and donate if you can.

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