The Mainstream Media is Failing

The effort to run a political campaign is a difficult thing to do and maintain a positive outlook. The greatest challenge for the independent candidate is trying to make traction with the media to get wider attention for the campaign.

The Mainstream Media has always been the source for most people who are interested in politics. If I had to put a number on it, I would say that 95%of voters get their information from the three major companies that control that media.

If you want proof that the Mainstream Media doesn’t care about independent candidates, can you name all the candidates for president in 2016? If you can name more than two, you are in a minority.

I have sent out the announcement press release for the cam on Friday. I sent it out again today.

We won’t hold our breath watching and waiting for the media to do their job. But for fun, we’ll see how long before you hear about any candidate for President who isn’t a Democrat or Donald Trump.

Message the the website so we can share the minisculed coverage of this campaign and the issues that are important to the American family.

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