The Path to Recognition

The Green Party has adopted some new rules for recognition of Presidential Candidates. We don't want Roseanne Barr showing up and again and taking away from the message. Here I am posting my responses to the Green Party Presidential Questionnaire and the Letter of Interest. I just sent these to the committee that handles these things...




Your name: __Dennis Lambert__

1. CANDIDATE VIDEO: You are invited to submit a video (of suggested length less than 3 minutes) in which you deliver your core campaign message. This submission is highly recommended but is not required to return this questionnaire.

___ My video is posted at the following URL address:

_X__ I will create my video later

___ I do not plan to submit such a video.

2. CORE MESSAGE. Provide a written version of the core message of your campaign. [200 word max]

Our nation must rebuild our infrastructure in a more democratic way that works toward a healthier environment and provides well paying jobs. We must make sure that the government levels the playing field for the working poor, minorities, and other marginalized communities so that we can build a successful nation that hopefully the rest of the world can look to for guidance into the future.

3. KEY POSITIONS. Please list up to five policy points or positions that you would emphasize most consistently if you were speaking as the 2020 GPUS presidential nominee. [250 words max. Please number the points. ]

1. Rebuild the national and local infrastructures using renewable energy as a blueprint for the democratization of wealth. Funding renewable energy for local communities, we provide for employment of local workers in the construction as well as ongoing maintenance of the structures, we can create a positive income for the communities while making it possible for the local government to lower taxes. #RenewableInfrastructure

2. Save lives – save money: Medicare for All is the only reasonable future for our national needs for medical care.

3. The layoffs in manufacturing as well as the dearth of well paying jobs that can build a middle class or at the least be able to support a family is the reason I am calling for a $25 an hour minimum wage. Factory workers were making at least $35/hr; none will be able to support their families on a minimum wage job. As minimum wage was created to be a living wage for Americans, we need to ensure that minimum wage is a wage that one can support a family with and I believe that $25/hr is enough for many people to become one-income families again.

4. Ending all wars. We must stop wasting our time talent and treasure on regime change wars as well as wars against the rights of women and minorities. Cooperation will get our nation further than conflict and the last twenty years of the war on terrorism has not made our nation safer, nor has it allowed Americans to become prosperous.

4. GP PLATFORM. Will you advocate for the platform of the Green Party? If there are any significant platform positions which you cannot support, please state why.

_X_ Yes, I will advocate for the platform

__ But I have a different position on the following point(s) [100 words max] :

5. COMMUNICATION OF VIEWS. Please provide the URLs for any written materials or videos that demonstrate your ability to speak, debate, or communicate your views. Most helpful are media interviews or public speeches on any topic. [No more than five URL’s please.]

6. ORGANIZING GOALS. What are the principle practical, measurable organizing goals that you would achieve by your 2020 GPUS presidential campaign? Such goals might include achieving ballot access, media coverage, debate participation, volunteer recruitment, fundraising, qualifying for matching funds, staffing levels, Green Party voter registration, endorsements, party building, and/or national vote totals. [120 words]

1. See at least four Greens running for Congress in each state.

2. Gain national attention to Greens running across the nation.

3. Gain enough polling support to be eligible for a national debate.

4. Gain 5% of the national vote based on campaign coverage.

7. CAMPAIGN ORGANIZING. How would you envision your campaign organizing to achieve the organizing goals listed in #6 above? [100 words max]

I will achieve these goals by outreach and building connections with disenfranchised and disaffected voters. I would hope to see a multi-state organization that can mobilize to train and encourage others to run for office.

8. PARTY-BUILDING. Presidential campaigns are legally independent entities from the political party whose nomination they received. At the same time, an important objective of the party’s presidential efforts is to build Green Party capabilities at all levels. How do you envision your campaign working with the greater Green Party to strengthen the different levels of the Party? [150 words max]

I intend to carry out my fundraisers in cooperation with local parties, sharing proceeds and labor.

9. UNIFYING THE PARTY. The GPUS is a diverse party with chapters in urban, suburban and rural communities. It includes Native Americans, immigrants, black Americans, and white Americans of many different economic levels. It includes GLBTQ people, straight people, unemployed people, retired people, professionals, union members, business owners and people from many walks of life. What is the vision by which you could be the nominee who receives support from all the diverse members of the Green Party? [120 words max]

I intend to unify everyone, regardless of the party. In a metaphorical manner, we are all in the same boat and will sink or swim based on the cooperation of the occupants. We must not use our differences to divide us, but use them as a tool to teach each other about our shared and diverse cultures that make up the United States.

10. DATA SHARING. After the campaign will you share your email lists and donor lists with the Green Party so that your supporters can be contacted to ask for their continuing support for the Party and its candidates?

_X__ Yes ___ No

11. VOTER REGISTRATION. How are you currently registered to vote (party registration, if applicable)? In which state are you registered?

Green Party- Ohio

12. HISTORY WITH GREEN PARTY. What specific offices or positions, if any, have you held within the Green Party at either the state or local level? If none, describe any instances in which you worked in collaboration with Green Party chapters, groups or candidates.

Lawrence County Ohio Green Party Co-Chair 2010-2014

Ohio Green Party State Committee 2010-2014

Ohio 89th State Representative 2010 candidate for Green Party

Ohio 6th Congressional Representative 2014 candidate for the Green Party

Ohio 12th Congressional Representative 2016 candidate for the Green Party

Campaigned for Joe DeMare of US Senate in 2012, 2014

Campaigned for Anita Rios for Ohio Governor 2014

13. OFFICES SOUGHT OR HELD. For what publicly elected offices have you been a candidate or served? On which public boards or commissions have you served at the local, state, or national level?

See above

14. RELEVANT BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE. What other personal background, professional qualifications or life experiences do you have that are relevant to your being an effective GPUS candidate for president? [150 words max]

I have worked for and with non-profit organizations for over thirty years.

I have created networks of care for veterans by building collaborative groups to help veterans with a number of issues from homelessness to hunger and employment.

I ran and planned events for the Boy Scouts from Derbies to designing and writing the manual for a Junior Leader Training course that ran for two years and trained nearly 40 youth in practical leadership skills.

I built an artist’s cooperative that trained and provided artists with a place to sell their works.

I worked with other non-profits and individuals in the community for the early planning stages for the Wild Ramp- a retail location in Huntington, WV for local food producers.

I have trained non-profits on making and building networks of cooperation at the Brushy Fork Institute in Berea, KY.

15. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. How can members of the public get further information on your campaign (List all that are currently available)?


Facebook/MeWe page:

Email for questions:

Telephone: NA

16. Please attach a digital file containing a photograph of yourself suitable for posting online along with your questionnaire. [A color head shot is recommended.]

- - - - - - - - - -




How can we contact you? (This is not for public release.)

_X__ Contact me __ Contact this person who speaks for me: ______________

Info for contact person:



Mailing address:

Do you agree to reply promptly to inquiries from the PCSC when we are seeking information needed to help us complete our business? _X_ Yes __ No

[Note: Such inquiries might involve clarifications to your answers to the PCSC questionnaire, inquiries about your ballot status in a state, questions relevant to official party recognition, confirmation that you have not dropped out of the race, confirmation of your participation in a candidate forum, etc.]

Letter of Interest Form

Presidential Campaign Support Committee

Green Party of the United States

(Copy into a file, fill out, and paste into an email.)

Name: Dennis Lambert

How can we contact you? (This contact information will NOT be made public.)



Mailing address: 11906 State Route 93

Pedro, OH 45659

- - - - - - - - - -

Check the one item that best describes your campaign status:

_X_ I am running for the Green Party nomination and have made a public announcement to this effect.

___ I expect to seek the nomination but have not yet made a public announcement.

___ I am exploring a run, but have not yet decided for sure that I will run.

___ I am not yet seriously thinking about running for the nomination.

___ I am definitely not going to run for the GPUS nomination in 2020.

If you want to make an additional comment on your status, place it here:

- - - - - - - - - -

Do you have a campaign website or Facebook page? If so, please give the URL’s.

- - - - - - - - - -

Do you expect to attend the GPUS 2019 Annual National Meeting which will be held July 25-28 in Salem, Massachusetts?

_X_ Yes. __ Maybe. __ No

- - - - - - - - - -

If you attend the Annual National Meeting, would you want to be on a panel of presidential candidates speaking to the meeting?

_X_ Yes. __ Maybe __ No

- - - - - - - - - -

Check the statement that best fits:

_X_ You may put my name on a public list of persons who have some interest in the nomination.

__ Please keep my response to you confidential.

- - - - - - - - - -

Further comments:

- - - - - - - - - -

Thank you very much for replying to this letter!

Return this letter to the PCSC by replying to Co-chair John Andrews, in an email with title “Letter of Interest”. If you want to have a conversation with us, let us know.


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