Solar Panel Installation


I am dedicated to investing in the future of the American citizen. Providing future focus, we must invest in the national infrastructure to bring safe and clean water, transportation, communication, and electricity.

Using multiple commodity acquisition, we can diversity the capture of renewable electricity to maintain a constant flow of energy into smart grids that will send that electricity where it is needed most.

What is my vision for a renewable infrastructure? I envision an electrical supply system like those created at the beginning of electrification. We go back to a cooperative ownership of the electrical system between local government and the people of the community who subscribe to the grid. We have a smaller distribution pattern that doesn’t have power lines crossing vast empty wildlands susceptible to falling branches, fires, or other natural disasters.

It is something like a revolution in renewable electricity that decentralizes production and distribution that creates a cleaner and safer electrical grid that is owned by locally. By changing the grid in this manner, we also create a grid that is safer from foreign hacking and will reduce widespread outages that paralyze large portions of the country for days on end.

That is just the vision. The way it will happen is going to democratize energy production, will lower our taxes, and prepare our nation for a future with limited access to fossil fuels and expanding energy needs.

How does it begin? First we begin a discussion with communities across the nation that are able to adapt existing resources for renewable and begin investing in those communities. Using local labor to install these systems as well as for the long term maintenance will allow local communities to create employment in a field with long term benefits to the communities and the workers.

What does it look like in these communities where we invest our tax dollars to rebuild our nation? First, we see a mixture of electrical generation that includes hydro-kinetic, solar, geo-thermal, and wind power based on the surrounding areas. We see a grid that feeds the local communities, employing local workers, and once the investment for the renewable has been paid off, a source for income for the local community that can reduce taxes.

For example near where I live, we would retro-fit water turbines on the locks and dams along the Ohio River as well as installing turbines along the pylons of bridges that span the water, other places with waterfronts we can install tidal change powered electrical generators.

In all places we will create a mixture of generation and storage, using innovative techniques like thermal exchange batteries that will bring our nation to a zero emissions nation in less than five years.

Unlike the current political parties in power, I really do believe that climate change is real and action must be taken as soon as possible to prepare us for the future. Our best preparation is to eliminate our dependence on fossil fuel based electricity and work to reduce carbon emissions in every other way possible.



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