A Key Policy

I can hardly believe his has only been about 100 years since women's suffrage. It was only 50 years ago that black men were guaranteed the right to vote.

A promise was made in the Declaration of Independence, our founding document, that everyone was born equal, entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. It goes on to say the government's role is to ensure equality of the citizens.

A promise was made in the late 1860s that all people born in the US were citizens and allowed to vote. It took 100 years before Congress took actions to ensure and enshrine the rights of voters that were stripped beginning in the 1880s using Jim Crow and literacy tests.

Over the last 40 or so years, the Democrats and Republicans have sold our government to the highest bidder in an effort to maintain control over OUR democracy. Both corporate parties have worked to destroy any emerging political parties that might pose a threat to their control of government. OUR voice is lost when politicians are scrambling for money instead of serving the people. WE THE PEOPLE lose because money is now considered speech and the government has done it's best to throw as much money at businesses as it can through tax breaks and rebates that diminish the ability of the people to gain just rewards for their taxes.

Our taxes are funding the businesses that run our lives through lobbyists and campaign contributions. We are working harder for businesses to exploit us more while the Democrats and Republicans are gleefully making the whips that strike our backs.

How do we turn the tide? What can bring us back to working as a democracy instead of a functional oligarchy?

1. Automatic voter registration

2. Federal Holiday on elections

3. Overhaul of the Voter's Rights Act

4. Public funding of elections

5. International agreement of non-interference in national elections

6. Reinstate Fairness Standards to the FCC


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